Born to Be Wild – Motor Bikes Through the Ages

Motor Bikes

The first ever petroleum-powered vehicle appeared in 1885 and was a motorised bicycle. Since then, motorised vehicles have climbed to prominence within society. Following that first motorbike were cars, aeroplanes, motorboats and other modes of transport that are essential in today’s society.

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Motorcycles saw a swift advance in development from inception and it wasn’t long before the first motorbike races were being held which, in turn, gave the incentive to produce more powerful vehicles. In only 30 years from the first motorised bicycle’s creation, motorbike manufacturing had become an art. They weren’t just bikes with engines affixed; they were specifically-designed to be enduring, high-speed and reliable.

During the Second World War, motorbikes were exploited for military use, due to them being small, fast and transportable. Since then, the motorbike switched to a more leisurely vehicle, associated with youth, freedom and a particular carefree lifestyle that still largely surrounds it even today – a remainder from the ’60s.


The motorbike now had its own special place and only continued to grow in popularity and design. Though frequently viewed as dangerous, motorcycles are vastly popularised due to their image and sporting opportunities, as well as their convenience. Being much smaller than cars, motorbikes are good for city travelling as, like pedal cycles, they can weave through traffic and skip queues. If safely-ridden with a watchful eye kept on larger-vehicles, motorcycles can prove to be the most efficient way of moving through cities.

As for the country, motorbikes use less fuel and therefore can cover a greater distance between fill-ups. Despite not having room for luggage, for straight journeys requiring little extra to carry, motorbikes can be excellent forms of transport – again skipping traffic jams that plague most car drivers during peak hours and at accident zones.

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Motorbike racing is a strong sport. It has many different branches, from Grand Prix tarmac racing to cross country, as well as drag racing. Racing is very competitive and varies from speed to endurance, including Enduro races which require competitors to cross checkpoints at exact times – getting penalised for being early or late. These off-road competitions can last between three and four hours – and even longer.

Whatever reason people are buying motorcycles for, be it sport, serious transport or for the image and ideals the vehicle carries with it, there is a huge variety of options available. The market is packed with developers creating bikes for all sorts of activities.


If you’re looking to buy a motorbike, it’s important to research thoroughly what style best suits your purposes. The huge roaring beasts zipping past you on the motorway aren’t always the best for manoeuvring through cities – and they’re certainly not the best for cross-country racing. In any case, ensure you have a valid motorbike license, test-ride, shop around and get some decent bike insurance – and you’re ready to let rip!

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You know what this is a great article above not written by me but let me add to the above in a different article now. I am 60 years old and have two older brothers.

I have grown up with biker music like ‘Leader of the Pack’ and many others. Both brother love for their motor bikes is not a new thing I know in many families, but my point is all people who ride motor bikes are not ‘bikies’ that is gang related.

Motor Bike riding for leisure and a form of alternate transport has and will remain a favourite past time for many. In my mind it is not a safe mode of transport as the traffic on our roads increase and people do not always see the motor bike until the last minute.

But if you are a person who loves the feeling of freedom around you, not encumbered in a vehicle, wind in your hair, this chosen leisure is for you. No matter what age, which type of motor bike Go For It! Live to Ride…

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