Different Types of Motor Boats

There are different categories of boats one of them being the motor boats. A motor boat is a type of a boat that uses power of a propeller in order to propel over the waters. Its uses power from a combustion engine in order to be able to achieve this. Usually, this type of a boat is used as a cruise hence for leisure. Any type that functions through the use of a motor can be classified as a motor boat. Sail boats therefore can be regarded as motor boats. These types of boats are classified further in to two categories. This is according to the type of engine that they use to propel.

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Outboard motorboats use engines that have been installed for temporary usage. These engines are bolted on to the boats when need arises. They are then placed on the boats’ hull. Boats that qualify to be classified in this category include the canoes, inflatable boats and the dinghies. However, once the engine is uninstalled, they quit to become motor boats.

Technically, this means that if you are bale to install an engine unto any type of a boat, then, it can be regarded as a motor boat for the time being. The other category is the inboards. Inboard motorboats have engines installed on them for long term usage; permanently. They too are installed on the boats’ hull. The motor cruises and the speed boats are the perfect examples of these. For any boat that has a permanent engine, then, it qualifies to be an inboard motorboat. Anyone can therefore choose to transform their current boats to be either inboard or outboard.

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The most popular of all are the speed boats. These are usually more stylish and are built mainly for agility. They serve extremely well in waves and when it comes to pulling water skiers. They are very fast hence are used especially in bad storms and wavy waters. For anyone with an interest of owning one, they have it custom made according to their specifications or; buy models that have already been manufactured. These makes among the most expensive motor boats in the field.


The last class of motor boats is the motor cruises. As the name suggest, they are used mainly for leisure activities over the waters. They are found in various forms with some being quite small and others, very big. They are as well designed in different styles. With some, they only take just a few numbers of people and others, dozens of them. Also, they can be used for both short and long trips. In them, the passengers can indulge in other activities such as sections for taking showers, sleeping and preparing meals. The size of the deck may also vary and they are furnished with canopies and a section for sitting and relaxing. Other amenities are also offered on board.


Whichever motor boat you opt to use, rest assured that it’s the best mode of water transport that you could ever have. Boats for hire as well as for sale are offered so; there is no reason to miss out in any of this.

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